You are not me

You may not even notice I exist. You may not realize how I vie for your attention. Not because I love you or I want to date you. But because I am capable of loving beyond sex. Yes, there exists such a thing. It isn’t easy to be me, you know. Some times I love my life and everything in it. Some times I am so far away, I can’t see myself.

I deal with my facial twitches, my insane awkwardness with people, and multiple attempts to hide everything about me. I find it difficult to put one foot in front of the other and not wander off in a land that exists only for me. I fight with my mediocrity every single  moment. And yet. I look for moments to make you laugh. You know why? No, I am not in love with you. Because it would be an awesome world if everyone looked to make everyone laugh.

It’s very difficult to understand whether some one likes our company or not. I wish people were more open about such stuff. Man, I’d back the fuck off if some one asked me to. But if I like you, I’m going to make an effort to be your friend, until you tell me otherwise.

All in all, people are weird. I live a little differently than you. I don’t need to know you for long or be awesome friends with you to like you. I can love you without falling in love with you. I like very few people and I don’t regret if they don’t like me back. Not everyone can be me.


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